Q- Briefly describe your product. Are there any unique characteristics that differentiate your product from competitive brands?






Finished ground coffee from Haiti

From pure Arabica Coffee Bean, ranked between 3rd to 5th in the world

Bean Category

Arabica Bean of Grade1 and Grade2 or (Class A, AB)

  As per the classification of the NCAA Green Coffee Classification System

Brand Name


By the “Compagnie Haitienne de Café“

Packaging Size

16oz, 10oz,  2oz (Vacuum Sealed – keep coffee always fresh &  flavorful)

All packages meet FDA standard







                Our Characteristics



• Haiti is 85% mountains, then produces only high quality coffee or Arabica coffee

• All of our coffees are high elevations organically shade-grown for best quality and taste

• Café Makaya is named after one of the highest peak of Haiti (7,700 feet) where it is grown

• Both 16oz and 10oz bags are vacuum-sealed for long-lasting freshness and purity in taste

• Plus, we have the best price! Why?

  Haiti is part of the CBRA (Caribbean Basin Recovery Act), which makes it exempt from US taxation









 Q- What is your reference brand? Is your product comparable to any existing brand? Include your cost

       and recommended retail and compare this to your main competitors.

       - Our Competitors are Starbucks, Maxell House, Eight O’clock, Bustelo. Our product is better or equal to top

         quality of Starbucks and, at less than half of its price (see reverse side for more details).


Q- What are the characteristics of your target audience? Include demographic profiles.

- Our coffee is a very high quality coffee at a really low price which makes it affordable to anyone.


Q- How do you plan to promote your product? Will you have quarterly promotions, advertising, and con-

    sumer events? Where should your product be located in the store?

     - One easy strategy we use to reach out to customers in a very efficient way is to have them to taste our coffee,                                                                                  

        since the feedback has always been positive each time that happens. We then give away free samples                                                  

        especially the 2oz-bag or free cup tasting inside or outside the Store if that is permitted.  Having consumer                                                                  

        events is another good occasion to give away free coffee samples. However, we do also advertise on local

        radio station and newspapers.


Q- How will your product be delivered to the store? Will it be directly delivered to the store or to one of our

      distribution centers?

      - Through one of your distribution centers or as per the customers request.         



          Q- How will you monitor your product's performance? What are your sales expectations? How will you evaluate the success of your product?

-  Our marketing agents will be monitored on a quaterly basis every distribution center to gather information needed for sales improvement. Also we will have private third party to audit

and report feedback.     




          - Our sales expectations:

Sales in NYC Area

3,700 cases or ≈ 4 containers per week

Total per year: 192,000 cases or 208 containers

Sales in other States

5,000 cases or ≈ 5 containers per week

Total per year: 260,000 cases or 260 containers

Total Sales

9,000 cases or ≈ 9 containers per week

  Total per year: 452,000 cases or 452 containers

  Time needed to reach target

9,000 cases per week in ten months

In 16 cities over 12 states on the East Coast



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